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We are proud to partner with farmers in the village of Moreau

We partner with farmers in rural Haiti to invest in sustainable agriculture, promote biodiversity and environmental health, and create new income opportunities in their communities.

Moreau is a small farming community in the Sud-Est province of Haiti, in a region known as Bainet. The village is located in the mountains, only accessible by walking or moto due to the rocky, narrow roads and many river crossings. There are many other small villages in the area, all collaborating on farming and infrastructure projects together. We partner with the Farmers’ Association in Moreau to conduct business, as well as connect with farmers in other villages on agricultural initiatives.


Our vision is to grow a poverty-free Haiti.


Our mission is to invest in communities dedicated to developing sustainable agricultural practices and natural products that protect the environment.

Our Values

Prioritizing people and planet

Our partner farmers are our priority. Our operation focuses not only on providing value to our partners, but on making sure all are treated with equity and respect. This includes the earth with which we work – our environmental impact is critical to our business model.

Contributing positively

We add value to our partner communities by offering monetary investments and financial stability that allow farmers the economic freedom to practice sustainable agriculture.

Respecting autonomy and knowledge

We do not tell farmers what to do or how to spend their money – we firmly believe that we can only have equitable partnerships if we respect each other’s autonomy and decision-making.

Our story

Our work began in the village of Moreau in 2016, at the invitation of Dr. Jeff Losier and the farmers’ association of the village; they were interested in expanding their farming initiatives related to reducing deforestation and soil erosion in their mountainous area. We initially collaborated on a pilot for finding additional uses for vetiver grass. In 2019, the farmers approached us about expanding our partnership to include their cooperative of beekeepers in the region, who were interested in selling their honey and beeswax for more than they could earn in local markets.

Since then, our US-based team has worked diligently to create new market opportunities for the farmers by selling their natural products in the US and beyond. From launching our honey and beeswax products to establishing an annual Community Development Fund, our partnership prioritizes the needs and decisions of the farmers, in support of growing their livelihoods and protecting the natural environment where they live.

Vetiver team at market

Meet the team

Jesse Abelson

Chief Executive Officer


Elizabeth Alonzi

Chief Science Officer

Leeore Levinstein

Chief Operating Officer

Brie LaPlante

Brie LaPlante

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Losier

Dr. Jeff Losier

In-Country Coordinator

Van Hong

Van Hong

Board Member

Dalton Schutte

Dalton Schutte

Board Member

Becca Desens

Board Member


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