How to reuse a glass jar (once you are done enjoying the honey!)

So you bought a jar of Amour, Moreau honey, you have enjoyed the sweet citrus honey, and now you have an empty (but still kind of sticky?) jar to find a new use for. What should you do? Recycling is always a good idea, but reusing is even better. We’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to reuse our honey jars in case you eat as much honey as we do!

Getting started — cleaning your jar and removing the label

To get the most out of your glass jar, first give it a scrub and take off the label. To do that, drop your jar in some hot water with dish soap and vinegar, let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, you can hand wash or run the jar through the dishwasher to fully clean, and get ready to repurpose. 

Ready to reuse your empty honey jar

Here are six ideas to get you started:

Whip up some chia pudding or overnight oats

If you haven’t had chia pudding or overnight oats yet, your leftover jar is the perfect reason to try it out! Grab your favorite chia seeds or oats in the jar with your favorite milk and honey (Amour, Moreau anyone?), pop the lid on, and leave it in your fridge overnight! Wake up, put some of your favorite fruits, nuts, or other toppings in the jar, and you’ve got the perfect breakfast! We like these recipes for overnight oats and this one for chia pudding. 

Make a cute vase!

Arrange some fresh flowers in one of your cleaned-out honey jars and use it to brighten up your space. You can even put a couple of drops of honey in the water to help your flowers stay fresher longer!

Check out your local refill stores

Our jars are the perfect containers for all your zero-waste ambitions. Bring our jars into your favorite refill stores and fill them with skincare products, dish soap, or groceries. If you are located in the Twin Cities, for example, check out Tare Market or Evergreen Collective.

Get crafty with a DIY lantern

Our cleaned-out honey jars make the perfect lantern craft. Grab a string of small fairy lights, put them in the jar, close the lid, and you’re done.To make the lantern a little more personal, paint and seal little designs on the jar. They make perfect ambient lighting for your backyard, dining table, or camping trip!


Store your dry goods without plastic

Our airtight lids are perfect for storing your rice, lentils, flour, sugar, or other dry goods. Grab some label stickers from your local craft store (Our favorite in the Twin Cities!) and you’ve got the perfect storage containers.

Shake up a simple salad dressing

Find your favorite recipe, assemble the ingredients in your cleaned out honey jar (or don’t clean it out if the recipe calls for honey!), and shake! If you’re looking for ideas, try out this honey lemon dressing.

Reducing waste where you can and reusing existing materials is so important — and the more creativity, the better! Any ideas that we missed? Let us know for a chance to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram!

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