Today we come together as a global community to recognize the challenges we collectively face and the ways we can solve them together. Education is the first step for all of us; it is important to learn about ecosystems around the world and in our own backyards, to understand how we can best protect and nurture them.

In partnership with farmers in Moreau, Haiti, we have identified several key challenges that we strive to solve together by preventing soil erosion and deforestation:

  • Loss of nutrient-rich top soil in farm fields
  • Decreased food production on family-owned farms
  • Lower quality water in shared streams and rivers
  • Unstable, washed-out roads between villages

We would like to spend Earth Day (and coming weeks) sharing some information and resources about these environmental issues, and how you can support solutions for these. By collaborating with a farming community in rural Haiti, we can implement lasting, equitable solutions for soil erosion and deforestation — that also increase local food production and income opportunities.

Thank you for your support — you can make a difference every day!

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